Bluehost Review

Bluehost was founded in 2003 by a young and hip group of web developers. Since Bluehost was founded, it has quickly moved up in rank. Now, they are at the top of their game, and expressly offering interesting developments.

They provide new technology to developers and offer a great environment of helpful customer service associates. Bluehost provides twenty-four hour customer assistance, cloud hosting, and Linux servers.


They also provide a server named LEAP. This allows you to manage your development issues without having to contact any of the customer service representatives. It is just another of the innovative technology services that Bluehost serves up. The host servers are on demand, and are one of the main selling points for Bluehost.

The customer service representatives are always accessible; but they are still offering the capability for you to work on your server.

Data Centers

Bluehost offers data hosting, and servers that run all day, every day. They are experienced at what they do and work on updating developments. The servers are located in Utah. The suburban based Utah site, features a ton of power and Bluehost assures customers that there is no failure.

Bluehost and WordPress

The site has more than 200,000 feet in it. This really allows for upgrades and gives you an idea of how serious Bluehost is about technology. They let their readers and potential customers know right where their servers are located and how large they are.

Hybrid Environment

Bluehost offers customers the ability to construct their sites in a unique environment. In fact they call this a hybrid. They also offer the ability for developers to design their own hosting programs. There is a whole Bluehost review on speed and performance.

Bluehost Speed

They can choose from the options that Bluehost offers. There are quite a few. They offer clustering solutions, cloud-based servers and unlimited backup. They also offer a very important manager, LEAP.

LEAP offers developers a multi-platform management tool. It allows customers the ability to work on all of their needs from a single spot. This makes your life easier and their technology shine. They even allow potential customers to open a free account.

They are so confident in LEAP that they will allow you to try it for free. They do this because they are very confident at Bluehost, that they offer the latest technology. They also believe that their portal is one that will allow their customers to work more efficiently.

In an age based on efficiency through computers, nothing can compare with the ease of access that some hosts offer.


The company also offers a firewall that works as needed. A customer can lock down a server with a single whim. They also are able to work on a LINUX server. They show customers the uniqueness of their site with a diagram.

Bluehost eCommerce

This diagram not only allows clients to see the variety that each server offers. They call the system “Snap-Shield,” because as you can see, in a snap you can lock anything down. They even state that they can stop damage for their customers before anything else happens.

They again will show you a diagram that illustrates the way their technology shuts down intrusions. This allows the invasive action to stop dead in their tracks. They work on this product to make it a great selling point for new customers.

Bluehost Power

The ability to stop an intrusion into the server in its tracks can really save your small business, or any business ideas. The diagram locks down the idea with a brick wall.

The Price

The prices on Bluehost vary depending on the type of server you are looking for. The dedicated server package offered by Bluehost is the median price of the three products.

This package works with all Linux servers, and can be very malleable. They offer a deployment guaranteed at fifteen minutes. The processor that they work with includes Xeon, Pentium. Core2Quad, Core-i5 and Core-i7. These are just a few. The speed of the infrastructure offered by Bluehost is unparalleled. The highest package is called dynamic.

Built by Bluehost

This package allows the clients to utilize Xeon Nehalem E5620 with 12GB of ram for a reasonable rate. The next server is the Core2Quad Q9650 with 8GB of ram. This is slightly cheaper than the Xeon and the package vary of course depending on the server. Bluehost wants to offer their customers the best of each server.

They utilize a great many features to make the service dependable and sell itself. Bluehost uses computers in a virtual environment, catching intrusions and stopping it dead in its tracks.

Bluehost offers developers a service created by young entrepreneurs who scaled the market. They offer dedicated servers and they offer servers to their customers which are enriching the lives of their businesses.

Bluehost works to make sure that their technologies are up to date and that their clients are totally satisfied. They offer a free account for just a little effort.